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Poaching and Hunting — Not the Same Thing

What's the difference between poaching and hunting?

“The Poacher,” a 1907 painting by Swiss artist Frédéric Rouge, illustrates the secretive attitude of the poacher. Note that he’s dragging a deer by the legs. (Public Domain.)

It's no surprise that many people haven't thought about the difference. Many even assume there's not much difference. I can think of a few reasons why.

1. We no longer live in a rural society where nearly everyone is a hunter.

2. Urban people and rural people alike get much of their information from the large coastal cities, even on topics people in those cities know little or nothing about.

3. This leads to simplistic thinking — good because it's easy to understand, but bad because it's often wrong.

Consequently many people today conveniently and simplistically lump any one who kills animals with guns into one big category. They think if you're a poacher, you're just an illicit hunter. And they think if you're a hunter, well, that's pretty much illicit too.

What's really the difference between poaching and hunting? Read "Poaching and Hunting — Not the Same Thing," and learn how to distinguish yourself as a hunter from someone who poaches wildlife. Click here to read it at the Jamestown Gazette website.

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