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Steve Sorensen of Russell, Pennsylvania...

... is an award-winning outdoor writer whose column, "The Everyday Hunter," currently appears  in the Jamestown Gazette and the Forest Press. He’s written feature articles for many magazines including Outdoor Life, and Sports Afield, and is a Field Contributor to Deer & Deer Hunting. Other magazines include North American Whitetail, Pennsylvania Game News and more. His articles have also appeared in many other magazines and he contributes to several blogs in addition to his own blog, Mission: Hunter.

Steve is in popular demand as an event speaker, especially for Sportsman's Banquets and Wild Game Dinners, and is available across the country where he presents programs on do-it-yourself Alaska moose hunting, deer hunting, wild turkey hunting, and the eastern coyote, with new programs coming. Invite him to speak at your next event. E-mail  for information describing his programs. (Click here for more information.)

Steve is also the board secretary for the Pennsylvania Outdoor Writers Association (POWA). "The Everyday Hunter" won POWA’s award for “Best Newspaper Column” three times.

"As a little boy  I desperately wanted to go hunting with my father. I remember one opening day of deer season – I was in first grade – when Dad brought home a 10-point buck and hung it in the old apple tree behind our house. I was sick and Mom wouldn’t let me go outside. I begged until she let me get my picture taken with Dad's buck before he skinned it.

"Even before I was old enough to hunt, my Pennsylvania Game News (with those famous Ned Smith covers) was the highlight of my month. I read it ragged, and still have many of those worn out copies! They were a fountain of information and made me believe that someday  I’d get a magazine to publish what I would write.

"From my earliest years, nothing ever matched the appeal of hunting. I remember as a teenager rushing home from school to get my beagle and my shotgun – then walking back to the school and across the football team's practice field to hunt rabbits on the hillside above. (Don't try that today!)

"When it came time for college I discovered that Boston, America’s best-known college town, was a great place to get a degree, but it’s not much fun for a die-hard hunter. And it was a long way from my beloved Pennsylvania woods. One rainy May night in my third year, I was lucky enough to get home from Boston for a spring gobbler hunt.  I arrived after midnight and woke Dad up. He asked me if I wanted to go out if it was still raining in the morning. I said, “That's why I came home.” So, despite my long drive, after a few hours of sleep we were in the woods. 

"A gobbler sounded off down over the hill, responding to an old Penn’s Woods single reed diaphragm. We dropped down to set up on a bench on the hillside, hiding by tucking ourselves against the root ball of an overturned cherry tree. Before long, he made his way to us, but circled to my extreme right. I was using Dad's old Ithaca double barrel and had to shift the shotgun slowly to my left shoulder while still sighting with my right eye. With the 20-plus pound bird at 40 yards, I finally pulled the trigger, and the gobbler was mine.

"After carrying that trophy tom to the top of the hill where we had parked Dad's old International Scout, we met some hard-core turkey hunters who were also after this great bird. It really felt good to be the one carrying the trophy. 

Hunting always feels good, whether I'm hunting woodchucks, coyotes, bears, deer,  turkeys, or the mighty Alaska moose. Writing about it is almost as much fun. That's why, 'when the Everyday Hunter isn't hunting, he’s thinking about hunting, talking about hunting, dreaming about hunting, writing about hunting, or wishing he were hunting.'


"P.S. If you want to tell me exactly where your favorite hunting spot is, contact me at"

At a glance...

  • Favorite outdoor pursuits: hunting deer and spring gobblers

  • Field Contributor for Deer & Deer Hunting magazine and freelance contributor to a variety of hunting magazines

  • Popular speaker at sportsman's dinners

  • Winner of more than two dozen outdoor writing awards, including two Pinnacle Awards from the Professional Outdoor Media Association.

  • Member, Pennsylvania Outdoor Writers Association (State)

  • Member, Mason-Dixon Outdoor Writers Association (Regional)

  • Member, Professional Outdoor Media Association (National)

  • 24 years writing for the direct marketing industry

  • Writer, editor, photographer, former pastor

  • Author of award-winning column, "The Everyday Hunter"

  • Author of Growing Up With Guns, winner of the POWA "Best Book Award"

Steve is a member of...

  • Professional Outdoor Media Association

  • PA Outdoor Writers Association

  • Mason-Dixon Outdoor Writers Association

  • National Wild Turkey Federation

  • Quality Deer Management Association

  • National Rifle Association (Life)

  • W. R. Case Collectors Club (Life)

  • Christian Bowhunters of America

  • Keystone Elk Country Alliance


Contact information: 

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