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If you've looked around my website and would like to follow my writing, you can find me on Facebook where I post links to my writing whenever I can. I have two Facebook pages, my personal page and my page called "The Everyday Hunter." I generally accept your Facebook friendship if your page shows you have an interest in hunting or the outdoors, or you're friends with others who do. (I usually decline those who don't, including lots of people who are pretending to be pretty girls.)

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Follow me on Facebook!

Facebook is where you can read much of Steve Sorensen's writings in newspapers and magazines soon after they are published. He posts links to them so you can read the articles, or he tells you what magazines have recently published his work.

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    Steve also offers...

    • Seminars at sportsman's shows.

    • Expertly written news releases.

    • Product profiles that sell.

    • Seminars on creative writing.

    • Proofreading for pre-press production.

    • Publishing for a limited number of books on hunting under the imprint "The Everyday Hunter Press."


    Contact Steve for more information.

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