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Winner of More Than 30 Awards for Outdoor Writing
National — Regional — State


Steve always had the idea that he'd like to write, even from his earliest days. 


NATIONAL AWARDS—3-Time winner of the Pinnacle Award from the Professional Outdoor Media Association

Steve joined POMA in 2015, and to his surprise and satisfaction he won the national Pinnacle Award in the magazine article category for an article in the December 2015 issue of Pennsylvania Game News called "The Arthur Young Buck1830." He told about history's earliest record of a trophy game animal anywhere in the world, and it was from Farmer's Valley, PA in McKean County about an hour's drive from Steve's home. 

In 2018, he won his second Pinnacle Award for a blog article at the Legendary Whitetails website. It was about a Roman Catholic nun who liked to hunt, who was successful at it, and who the world attacked for that success. 

In 2023, Steve won his third Pinnacle Award. Again, it was for a blog article, this one at Deer and Deer Hunting magazine where he is a contributing writer. This piece was about (of all things) Bambi, how Bambi became a Disney favorite, and what the story of Bambi was really about. (The author, an Austrian Jewish intellectual, wrote it as an allegory about Jewish life under German rule, and in 1936, Adolph Hitler banned it in Germany. 


Mason-Dixon Outdoor Writer's Association 

This regional outdoor communicator's organization mainly includes members from mid-Atlantic states. Steve has won awards from this every year since he joined it. 


Pennsylvania Outdoor Writer's Association 

POWA is, without a doubt the state outdoor communicator's organization in the nation. Steve has won "Best Newspaper Column" three times from POWA, is a two-time winner of the "Best of the Best" Award from POWA (sponsored by the National Rifle Association), plus and many other awards writing for newspapers, magazines, and the Internet. 

Steve has received recognition far beyond what he deserves. He says, "I can usually do a good job with a good idea, but I can't do a good job with a bad idea. I've been blessed with opportunities to get some great stories." 

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