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Northern Scratchbox Success Photos and Stories ...

Gobblers buy it. Maybe you should, too!

A story from 2015.

The first gobbler that bowed to

the Northern Scratchbox

On opening day 2015, I went to the woods to educate some turkeys I know by putting on a little turkey calling seminar. I use a turkey call of my own design and creation, the Northern Scratchbox, and it fooled them again at first light. Every time a gobbler would sound off hens responded with tree calls. So I copied them. A gobbler would yodel and several hens would reply. I was one of them, and I made the gobblers pay attention to me.

It was before 6:00 AM that two gobblers flew down and landed 22 yards from me. I first focused on the one on the left. He was in full strut so I gave a soft yelp on a diaphragm call, hoping he'd raise his head so I could hit it with a swarm of Number 5s. But he stayed in strut and walked behind some old fallen limbs. So I turned to the other that was behind a tree. When he walked out at 30 yards I pulled the trigger. Their free turkey hunting seminar was over.

I'll be giving  the survivors another seminar soon, but until then all the attendees were dismissed except for the winner. I awarded him a leg tag and a free ride in my truck. The photo is in front of a huge red oak that the landowner says is the second oldest red oak in the state. It's so big I bet it would take 8 or 10 people to wrap their arms around it.Stats: 2 years old. 16.25 pounds (a lightweight for that age). 8-inch beard. 1-inch spurs. Time: 5:55 AM. You can kill a gobbler earlier than that, but not by much.

My Northern Scratchbox is the deadliest call I've ever used. Check it out at  Gobblers buy it—you should, too!

A.J. Buffone of Dayton, Pennsylvania, took the first gobbler using the Northern Scratchbox. Here's what A.J. said: 

"This by far is one of the best calls I have ever owned, From mouth to box calls, this call will replace all of them for me. This call makes the most amazing purrs and clucks, it pulls the turkeys in like they are on a rope. Here is my story:

I set up on this ridge between two fields around 9am, where I knew that an Old Tom or two were working. I started to make my first series of calls and had no answer. So I waited for 15 minutes and started to make my second series of calls, when a hen cut me off. So I cut her off and then the old Tom let out a loud gobble. Now the largest challenge I would have is to call him off the hens or call the hens in and hope they bring him into shooting distance. So I backed off and started some light purrs, soft yelps, and some clucks.

He gobbled several more times getting closer and closer until I saw two hens working their way towards me. They passed me 10 yards away.

All of a sudden just coming up over the ridge, I could see a turkey fan going back and forth, so I let out a soft purr. He could not resist the soft purr of the butternut scratchbox. It was like he was on a leash. I let him gobble several times, spitting and drumming the whole in, as I purred on the butternut scratchbox, then I made a loud cluck. I shot at 20 yards and there was my gobbler lying on the ground motionless. I love when things come together. I want to thank you Steve for the awesome call. It will definitely be my #1 call for turkey now. Matter of fact I just gave my box call to my little cousin."

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