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What Is a Good Deer Caliber for a Kid?

We probably have more to consider when recommending a deer rifle for a kid than we do for an adult. Many people simply think something light will be just the ticket, but I don't agree.

My February 7 column in the Jamestown Gazette, "What Is a Good Deer Caliber for a Kid?" considers what we often overlook. The lighter the caliber, the more important shot placement will be. And if shot placement is a critical factor, is a light cartridge right for an inexperienced shooter?

I'll answer that question, and lots of readers will disagree. Yes, a properly placed bullet from a .22 centerfire will kill any deer. I'm not saying it won't, because I've done it. My question is this: Who is more likely to place that bullet where it needs to go? A youngster who has never fired at a live deer? Or an experienced hunter who has learned to tame the rush of adrenaline when he's about to take a shot. It's OK if you disagree after reading today's column, "What Is a Good Caliber for a Kid?" but give me your counterpoint.

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