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The Truth about Bambi (at DDH online)

In its February issue, Deer & Deer Hunting magazine published my article on Bambi. Yes, you read that right. Bambi. Why would a major deer hunting magazine publish an article about a cartoon deer, a story that never did deer or deer hunters any good? Because Bambi has become part of our culture. Bambi comes up in conversation, and hunters should have something to say—something that sets the record straight.

So that's what I've done in my article "The Buck Fawn That Bamboozled America." It's an important article for the reasons mentioned above, and that's why I'm letting you know in case you missed the print edition, it's now available online. The only things missing from the print piece are a couple of sidebars.

I'm betting you know someone (in fact more than one someone) who needs to read this. So here's the link: "Bambi—The Buck Fawn That Bamboozled America." Spread the word. Share it. Make it viral. Because people need to know the truth about Bambi, how it started, what Adolph Hitler thought about it (yes, THAT Hitler), what he did to stop the story, how it got into Walt Disney's hands, what effect it had on deer hunting in America, and even the future of Bambi. The truth about Bambi is out, and it's one of my most important articles ever.


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