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The Surgeon and the Skunk

From time to time I try my hand at humor. At this point I've written about a half dozen funny stories. I don't write roll-on-the-floor funny stuff. I'm not hilarious. But once in a while I get an idea and I start writing.

Writing humor is difficult. It's like becoming a parent, and you know without a doubt that the child is yours, but you want to say, "No, no, that one's not mine."

But the child truly is yours, and humor wouldn't be funny without being true. So here's a true story about a surgeon who got sprayed by a skunk an hour before doing surgery. That's one of many parts that is true. And it's funny, if you aren't the doctor.

Have you ever been sprayed by a skunk? I haven't, but I know a doctor who has. And I do have a friend named Randy. People do put cars in their front yards. Neighbors do help neighbors fix cars. Animals do like peanut butter. And wiener dogs are low maintenance (the short-haired ones anyway). Yes, there's a lot of truth in this story. So read "The Surgeon and the Skunk," The Everyday Hunter's October 18, 2021 column in the Jamestown Gazette. It's a true story. So try not to roll on the floor laughing when you read it.

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