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The Perfect Place for Everything Archery

If you shoot a bow, and are anywhere near the Erie, Pennsylvania area, here's some great news. As of the first of this month, Archery Encounters LLC (with a certified Level III NTS Coach in USA Archery) has relocated to a new and highly accessible location in the Millcreek Mall complex.

If you need help perfecting your form, if you want a place to compete, or if you just want a place with an open indoor range, Archery Encounters offers what you need and more. You can't go wrong by checking it out.

To read more about it, visit the Jamestown Gazette for this week's column, "The Perfect Place for Everything Archery." Then contact Archery Encounters for a place to shoot, or a place to get the training you need to become a better shooter. All the contact information is in the column.

To access more of my writing on hunting topics, go to the home page of my blog, Mission: Hunter.


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