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The Buck Fawn That Bamboozled America

WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT BAMBI? Or, what do you think you know? Late-breaking news in the world of deer hunting is that a major magazine has finally covered Bambi, AND UNCOVERED THE TRUTH!

Here's what New York outdoor writer Roger Page said:

"Warning to the anthropomorphic crowd; might be too many truth bombs in this one for you to deal well with!"

I'm pleased and flattered that Deer & Deer Hunting magazine (Thanks, Dan Schmidt!) has published the results of my research into Bambi and the history of the beloved story in the February 2022 issue. If you're not a subscriber, rush to the newsstands and buy a copy. You're going to be surprised at what you read.

Here's a taste: >> Bambi was not written as a children's book. >> Bambi was not a whitetail deer, and not a creation of Walt Disney. >> Bambi was written by an Austrian Jew and Adolf Hitler banned and burned every copy of the book his Nazi regime could find. >> The author of Bambi was a hunter. >> Bambi did not have an anti-hunting message.

Want more? Grab a copy of the February issue of Deer & Deer Hunting magazine, and you'll know how Bambi was turned into anti-hunting propaganda. Don’t miss this — it might be one of the most important stories I've ever written. PLEASE SHARE!

(And by the way, did you know Deer & Deer Hunting magazine is still publishing the outstanding photography of Charles Alsheimer, and features a column that's republishing his work? One more great reason to subscribe!)

To access more of Steve Sorensen's writing on hunting topics, go to the home page of his blog, Mission: Hunter.


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