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The Benefits of 30 Million Dead Deer

Carnage. That’s a word that would describe what lots of people think when they think about the number of deer hunters kill. It’s a word loaded with negative emotion. We use it to describe war, urban gun deaths, road kill, and more. Some synonyms are bloodbath, butchery, massacre, and slaughter. It's not used as a positive word.

But “carnage” comes from the Latin root, "carn-," which means “flesh,” or “meat.” So there's the first positive — 30 million dead deer provide an abundance of meat. Find out how much meat hunters provide, and several other important benefits of hunting, in my column in the July 6 issue of the Jamestown Gazette, "The Benefits of 30 Million Dead Deer." The source of my information comes from annual research I do for Deer & Deer Hunting magazine, collecting deer hunting data from every state and province that has whitetail deer.

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