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How a Beautiful Day in Mr. Jameson’s Neighborhood Was Ruined (from DDH)

Everyone has heard "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood," and those words have been famously set to music by Mr. Fred Rogers.

Mr. Joe Jameson can tell you how a beautiful day can go bad when a buck gets careless. Colliding with a deer on the road can be dangerous, but did you know a deer can rear-end you? While you’re doing yard work?

Yes, whitetail deer sometimes display freak behavior, as this incident in Fayette County Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta proves.

You can read about it in my article, "A Beautiful Day in Mr. Jameson’s Neighborhood," at Deer & Deer Hunting Online, posted October 22, 2020.

Yes, now we have to watch out for bucks when we're on our lawn tractors!


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