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The 2023 Deer Hunters' Almanac (from Deer & Deer Hunting magazine)

It's hard to believe, but I just completed my 10th year of being on the team that produces the Deer Hunters' Almanac from Deer & Deer Hunting magazine. I'm responsible for the "Whitetail Nation" chapter (the biggest chapter)! I collect all the latest deer harvest numbers and other information from deer biologists and wildlife managers the 44 states and provinces with seasons on whitetail deer. I also write a brand new article for the chapter, and this year it's about the public land America's hunters have access to.

The newest edition has been out since September, and will be on the news stands for a bit longer. If you want to see how your state stacks up against the others, or if you're planning an out-of-state hunt, or it you just want more deer hunting information you can get in one place than anywhere else – stories, how-to pieces, and more for just $9.99 – the Deer Hunters' Almanac is indispensable.


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