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"Thanks for making a quality call!"

Many thanks to a customer from Ray City, Georgia. Those southerners really know a great scratchbox call when they see it, even if it is named the NORTHERN Scratchbox! This serious turkey hunter ordered a call last week, and you can read what he said about it in his letter I received today (pictured). He knows there are lots of scratchbox calls out there, but only a few that are really good. I'll be sending his Maple call out tomorrow.

What an honor to read the words, "The Northern Scratchbox is a lot better than any call I have used." (And he names a well-known call made in Georgia.) I'd like to repeat that, but instead of me retyping those words again, take a moment to read them again! And be sure to read the letter he wrote to me. It's a keeper!

The call you see in the picture happens to be the last Maple call I have in stock. But don't let that stop you. The call he already has is Cherry — that's the one he's praising — and I have plenty Cherry calls ready to go. And I'll have more Maple calls by next week. (By the way, Maple and Cherry sound the same. They both have a Cedar soundboard.)

One more thing. Right now, the only way to get your call is to send me the money by snail mail. I trust turkey hunters. (Only one has ever taken advantage of me.) Send me a personal check or a postal money order and I'll get your call into the mail right away.

Oh, and another one more thing. Read this customer's letter again. You're going to want to order one ASAP. Gobblers buy it — you should too!


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