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Sport Hunting Is Conservation Hunting (Part 5)

Anti-hunters criticize sport hunting, but do they know why it's called "sport" hunting? They don't. Do you? You might not.

What does the word "sport" mean in the phrase "sport hunting"? What parallels are there between hunting (as a sport) and baseball, or other sports? Is there a better phrase that can describe more clearly what hunting is today?

These questions have answers. Learn what those answers are in this week's column in the April 11 issue of the Jamestown Gazette, "Sport Hunting Is Conservation Hunting."

Photo caption: Every state has crafted meticulous regulations that govern every aspect of hunting. Regulations change because habitat constantly changes, population dynamics are continually in flux, and science improves. Regulations are not simple, and require hunters to study carefully. (Steve Sorensen photo.)

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