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Sorensen Scoops Up Writing Awards

(Russell, PA) Steve Sorensen, popular outdoor columnist and contributor to regional and national magazines, recently won several “Excellence in Craft” awards from the Pennsylvania Outdoor Writers Association (POWA) and the Mason-Dixon Outdoor Writers Association (MDOWA).

Sorensen’s article “Amazing, Adaptable Whitetails” (December 2019 issue of Deer and Deer Hunting magazine) won the Lantz Hoffman Award from POWA (sponsored by his daughter Karen Wolf) for the best article on the whitetail deer. MDOWA judged the same piece the best work in the magazine category. He also won First Place from MDOWA in the blog category for “Deer Collisions” in Deer and Deer Hunting online, an article covering eight reasons for deer/car collisions.

In addition to his three top honors, Sorensen won a second place award from POWA in the magazine category and a third place award from MDOWA in the photography category.

“I’m indebted to the magazines and newspapers I write for, and especially to their readers,” Sorensen said. “I hear from them on social media and when I travel to speak at sportsman’s events. If they weren’t reading my work, the magazines and newspapers wouldn’t be publishing it.”

Sorensen writes regularly for several national and regional outdoor magazines, as well as his own blog “Mission: Hunter.” His newspaper column, The Everyday Hunter®, appears bi-weekly in the Jamestown Gazette (NY) and the Forest Press (PA).

Sorensen lives in Russell, PA with his wife Barbara, and miniature groundhog dog Remy. For more information about Steve, his writing and his speaking, go to


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