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Sorensen named Field Contributor to Deer & Deer Hunting

's a huge honor and privilege to have been recently named a Field Contributor to Deer & Deer Hunting magazine. My byline now appears in the magazine's masthead, which began with the December 2019 issue. Subscribers should already have the February 2020 issue, and for other readers it's available now on news stands.

For the second month in a row I have two articles in the magazine. If you spent the fall trying to avoid hitting deer, you might want to read "8 Reasons Why We Hit Deer" starting on page 10. It can help to understand the full picture of why so much whitetail carnage occurs along the roads in the fall and, more importantly, offers ten concrete things you can do to avoid hitting them. (Earlier in the fall it appeared on the Deer & Deer Hunting website, at a time when it would do the most good.)

Also, I have a big buck story on page 59 in the "Buck Shots" column, "Who Shot the Buck of Love," about George Love's Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania monster.

More of my articles are in the pipeline at Deer & Deer Hunting magazine. Thanks to all for reading, and for looking for my writing in Deer & Deer Hunting, Pennsylvania Game News, and other quality magazines.

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