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Scratch Call Fever!

My new friend, Maggie Boineau*, is a South Carolinian who hunts turkeys with a scratchbox call — my Northern Scratchbox! She was successful her first time out! On opening day she shot a trophy gobbler but didn't stop there. A few days later she took a friend out and she scored. Is Maggie a turkey magnet? I'm not sure, but I'd rather think my Northern Scratchbox is the turkey magnet!

Don't let me ruin her story for you. Go to Maggie's blog ( and read Scratch Call Fever! for yourself. Then do two things.

(1.) Subscribe to her blog. She consistently provides reliable information, but you don't have to be a woman. Even men can benefit from what Maggie has to say.

(2.) Order one my Northern Scratchbox calls. I'm biased, but Maggie and others are proving it's a call you should have in the spring turkey woods. Gobblers buy it. Maggie bought it. You should too!


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