• Steve Sorensen

Progress in Gun Safety

We hear a lot of talk about gun safety these days, but have you stopped to think about the fact that the people who care most about gun safety are hunters? Hunters want everyone to learn about gun safety and to handle guns responsibly. That's why hunting is safe.

But hunting hasn't always been safe. This week's newspaper column compares the safety of hunting today to hunting more than 100 years ago. We've made a lot of progress.

Think about it. If everyone handled guns as safely as hunters do (and hunters handle guns more than anyone in the United States), America would be safer.

Read this week's column "Progress in Gun Safety" in the Jamestown Gazette, and practice safe gun handling.

Photo caption: Young people today are safe in the woods with guns, thanks to hunter safety laws that include wearing fluorescent orange clothing. (Steve Sorensen photo.)

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