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Important Things, and a BIG Ohio Typical

I had the privilege of reporting on a giant whitetail typical harvested on October 17, 2021 by the daughter of the Lieutenant Governor of Ohio, Jon Husted.

The article is in Deer & Deer Hunting and it's addressed to "To Whom It May Concern." (Maybe that's YOU!) It tells the story of a very busy man with a very busy family, but he has his priorities right. He still finds the time to take his kids hunting.

Are you busier than the Lt. Governor of a major state? I doubt it. Do you know the important things in life as this politician does? You probably do, even if you lose track of them once in a while.

Read "Important Things, and a BIG Ohio Typical" at Deer & Deer Hunting magazine online. To access more of Steve Sorensen's writing on hunting topics, go to the home page of his blog, Mission: Hunter.

The photographs at left first appeared on Lt. Governor Jon Husted's Facebook page.


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