• Steve Sorensen

Hunting Opportunities Across the State Line

Whether you live on the New York side of the border, or the Pennsylvania side, the wait is almost over. We're buying our hunting licenses now, and making plans for deer season.

If you cross the border and hunt the neighboring state, you know how easy it is. And if you don't, what's holding you back from doubling your opportunities for venison? A big part of the seasons in the two states overlap, but there's still plenty of time to hunt both.

This week's column "Hunting Opportunities Across the State Line" in the Jamestown Gazette will describe those opportunities. And even if you don't live in Pennsylvania or New York, if you live near the border of some other state, you have a similar opportunity. Take advantage.

Photo caption: All along the Pennsylvania/New York border, deer are plentiful and public hunting opportunities abound in both states. (Steve Sorensen photo.)

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