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Horns, Antlers, and a Lesson from a City Girl

If you're a deer hunter, I'm sure you've done the same thing I've done. You've shared your knowledge with someone on the difference between horns and antlers. Maybe your student wasn't much of a learner, either.

That's the subject of this week's column, "Horns, Antlers and a Lesson from a City Girl." I lay out seven differences between horns and antlers you're probably familiar with, and then tell a short story about how impossible it was to convince a city girl I made any sense at all.

If you want to know the fine points about what makes an antler and what makes a horn, or if you want to read a story that hits home with many of us, check out "Horns, Antlers, and a Lesson from a City Girl," published September 28 in the Jamestown Gazette.

To access more of my writing on outdoor topics, go to the home page of my blog, Mission: Hunter.


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