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Everybody's Squirrels

Squirrel season started earlier than ever this year in Pennsylvania. That's good for a number of reasons:

1. It's an enjoyable time to be out in the woods (but be sure to take some bug juice).

2. It gives kids more time to hone their hunting skills before deer season.

3. It's another reason to buy a license.

My column, "Everybody's Squirrels" lays out the "before" about last Saturday's public land hunt. The "after" is that no, we didn't get any squirrels, but we met a hunter from Indiana, PA, who shot three of them. (And I also found out he was a happy customer who bought my Northern Scratchbox turkey call and killed a gobbler using it the first time he took it out.)

For more about public land squirrel hunting, read "Everybody's Squirrels," published September 14 in the Jamestown Gazette.

Photo of the fox squirrel is Ron Spomer's (used by permission). For some of the most expert outdoor content anywhere, check out, Ron Spomer YouTube channel, and Ron Spomer podcasts.


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