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Eat Everything You Kill! Nope. Not Me. Not Anyone.

A common anti-hunting idea is that for hunting to be ethical, a hunter must eat everything he kills. That idea needs to go away.

I am not arguing in favor of waste. Not at all. I'm saying the idea that hunters should eat everything they kill is a double standard. And it drives a wedge between hunters.

Not a single predator eats everything it kills, and to believe Man must let nothing go to waste is to hold him not only to a higher standard than coyotes, cats, and other critters, but also to hold him to an arbitrary standard. Before you disagree, read "Eat Everything You Kill! Nope. Not Me. Not Anyone." It's The Everyday Hunter's October 4, 2021 column in the Jamestown Gazette. And also ask yourself, "Do I waste anything?"

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