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Don't Know Much About....

Photo by Lisa Hupp, USFWS, public domain.

Who wants to go to Alaska to hunt grizzly bear cubs? Anyone? Let's hunt them in their dens. Wolves, too. Sound like fun? No, not really?

I didn't think so. Hunters are not eager to hunt adult bears in their dens, let alone cubs. So what's the fuss about Mr. Trump ending the Obama-era ban on killing bears and wolves in their dens, and caribou while swimming? It's much ado about not so much, because wildlife management rules are made by state wildlife management officials, not the federal politicians. State wildlife agencies hire scientists to study wildlife and make recommendations. They shouldn’t be swayed by the whims of politicians whose eyes are fixed on their next election.

Most people don't know much about wildlife management. If you want to know what most people don’t know, read "Don't Know Much About...." in the June 22 issue of the Jamestown Gazette.

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