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Doctor's Orders: Go Turkey Hunting

The May, 2022 issue of Pennsylvania Game News has a pretty good article in it. It's the story of my first evening turkey hunt last year on May 21. I wasn't going to hunt that day because I had an appointment with Dr. Olsen. He's an avid hunter, and a good one, so when I see him we always talk about turkey hunting, or hunting in general. He asked me, "Have you ever hunted in the afternoon or evening?" I leaned forward, expecting him to give me some good tips, and asked, "How do you hunt evenings?" He told me he never had, but he'd been thinking about it.

It doesn't take much to get me to go turkey hunting, so on my way out the door I decided to eat an early supper and get going.

And hey Doc, that Northern Scratchbox turkey call you bought from me that day? I made another sale that evening. A gobbler bought it! (And he paid a lot more than you did!)

Check out the May, 2022 issue of Pennsylvania Game News, coming any day now to your mailbox. Or, you can get it in stores wherever magazines are sold.

To access more of Steve Sorensen's writing on hunting topics, go to the home page of his blog, Mission: Hunter.


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