• Steve Sorensen

Is Wildlife Funding About to Be Gutted?

The words "Pittman-Robertson" are important to every hunter, and every hunter should know what they mean.

This week's column "Congressman Seeks to Gut Wildlife Funding" explains that federal wildlife funding is being threatened — funding that is 100% provided by hunters. It's the reason we have such abundant and accessible wildlife in this country, and if that funding is eliminated or switched to some other source, it probably won't be as much and it certainly won't be as reliable.

That funding program was begun in 1937 with the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act (Commonly called the Pittman-Robertson Act), and 100% of the money raised is passed through to the states for wildlife management with no Federal overhead or waste. But if one congressman has his way (he now has more than 50 co-sponsors), that money will be eliminated. Read what you can do about it in the Jamestown Gazette .

Photo caption: All wildlife, both hunted and non-hunted species, benefits from the Pittman-Robertson funds. That’s why America has the most abundant and accessible wildlife in the world. Let’s keep it that way. (Steve Sorensen photo.)

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