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Buck City (in PA Game News)

The December 2022 issue of Pennsylvania Game News magazine has an article about a Sorensen family hunt. Rev up your way-back machine, because it happened way back in 1979. I've wanted to write this article for 43 years! That's a long-time coming but finally, here it is! I've already had some great feedback on this one, so I know you'll like it!

The story reminisces about the most traditional days in Pennsylvania deer hunting. More than half the hunters today don't have any exposure to what hunting was like that long ago. The story begins in a pediatrician's waiting room where I read a Sports Illustrated article about opening day of the Pennsylvania rifle season. (You won't find that in SI any more!)

If you're not a subscriber to Pennsylvania Game News, stop by "wherever fine magazines are sold" (around here it's the local Walmart) and pick up a copy. Better yet, become a subscriber! There's a lot more in this magazine than my little article (and I'm happy that my good friend and wildlife artist Gerald Putt did a wonderful cover painting for this one!)


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