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Basic Home Venison Processing — Part 2

Aging, grinding and cooking — those are some of the keys to great venison. There's a right time to cut the meat up, a right way to grind it, and a right smart secret to cooking a meat that's dry, but one of the most healthy types of meat on the planet.

If you want tender, flavorful venison you can use in a variety of ways, you need to know the secrets of aging, grinding and cooking. That's what this week's column is about. In "Basics about Home Venison Processing — Part 2" I give you some essential tips if you're going to have great tasting venison.

Check out "Basics about Home Venison Processing — Part 2" published October 26 in the Jamestown Gazette. (Part 1 was in the October 12 issue. If you missed that, click here to go to Basics about Home Venison Processing — Part 1.)

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