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Basic Home Venison Processing — Part 1

We're already a few weeks into archery season in most states, and perhaps you're thinking about processing your own deer this year. If so, I can help. I can't give you a start-to-finish tutorial, but plenty of that is available on YouTube videos. What I can tell you that it's not as big a task as you might think.

I did my first deer when I was 15, and not much has changed. In this week's column, "Basics about Home Venison Processing — Part 1," I give seven steps to guide you through the process. Experienced home processors may have a different method, but there's no one "right way," so you'll probably fine-tune your own process.

It's satisfying to be your own butcher, so get started with "Basics about Home Venison Processing — Part 1," published October 12 in the Jamestown Gazette. And be looking for my next column (Part 2 on October 26). It will be a follow-up with some tips on cooking, aging and grinding venison. Happy hunting, and happy eating!

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