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  • by Steve Sorensen | The Everyday Hunter®

Two New Articles in Deer & Deer Hunting

Don't miss the December 2019 issue of Deer & Deer Hunting magazine. It's loaded with deer data! Including TWO (2) of my articles! On page 50 is a feature called "Amazing Adaptable Whitetails." How have deer adapted and survived, even under today's pressure? Find out here.

In the Deer Browse column, on page 10, I've written "World's Biggest Forkhorn?" It's hard to answer that question for sure, but this crazy-big 4-piont taken in Kentucky early this season has to be a top contender. Ohio hunter Riley Emery arrowed a buck called "Slingshot." It looks like it has two giant slingshots rising from its head. If you like 4-point bucks, you'll be impressed with this one featured in this article. I met Riley in September at the Whitetail Rendezvous in Marietta, Ohio, and Riley's buck was a head-turner in a giant room filled with much bigger bucks.

I'm contributing regularly now to Deer & Deer Hunting magazine. The December issue is the third consecutive issue I'm in, it has two of my articles, and I have more in the pipeline. Thanks to all for reading, and for looking for my writing in quality magazines like Deer & Deer Hunting.

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