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Taxidermy — Thinking about the Cost

Taxidermists are going to be busy this year. I say that because some nice bucks are already falling, and the season has just begun. And last year (in my area) bucks got a big of a reprieve because of fewer hunters in the woods in the firearms season due to rainy weather.

Any discussion about taxidermy always leads to the question, "How much should a mount cost?" That's not an easy question to answer because the price a taxidermist charges isn't just for his materials, his time, and his skills. More goes into it than that. To find out what, read my October 7 column in the Jamestown Gazette, "Taxidermy — Thinking about the Cost."

Photo by Steve Sorensen: The taxidermist uses his skills and artistic ability to combine God-given materials (antlers and skin) with man-made materials to make your buck look alive. But the cost can vary a lot because of the economics of the area the taxidermist works in.

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