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  • by Steve Sorensen | The Everyday Hunter®

Three Questions for Hunters to Ask

Social media is a place where lots of people aren't very social. We argue. We debate. We insult. We polarize. It's like stepping into the shower where the water is either freezing or scalding. How do you break through and get your message heard?

Sometimes you can't. But instead of frustrating ourselves with people who aren't interested in changing their views, it might be better to ask simple questions that leave your friend thinking. But what questions do we ask?

There are many, but in this week's column I focus on three angles every argument (on any topic) ultimately follow: one logical, one practical, and one emotional. If you're interested in how to talk to anyone who questions the legitimacy of hunting in the modern world, my August 26 column in the Jamestown Gazette, "Three Questions for Hunters to Ask," might help.

Photo by Scott Smith: Hunting in North America is and must remain egalitarian, no matter the race, creed, income, or any other way society tends to divide itself. Coby Smith of Busti, New York loves to hunt and his hunting plays a role in wildlife management .

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