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  • by Steve Sorensen | The Everyday Hunter®

Mama's Fawn Survival Strategy

Several years ago during the spring turkey season I walked up on a tiny fawn, still wet from being born and all alone. I took some photos and left it, wondering where the mother deer was. When I got home I called my friend Charles Alsheimer, and asked him to explain why the fawn was alone.

In my June 3 column in the Jamestown Gazette I explain why a walk in the woods can lead us to discover a fawn all alone, and why that fawn is alone. The best thing for you and me to do is leave it alone. Check out "Mama's Fawn Survival Strategy."

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Photo by Steve Sorensen: Several years ago the author discovered this new fawn, still wet from being born. If you discover one, don’t assume it has been abandoned, and leave it alone.

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