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  • by Steve Sorensen | The Everyday Hunter®

How Badly Do You Want to Kill a Gobbler?

When it comes to spring gobbler hunting, it's either easy or it's hard. One or the other — there's nothing between. People have told me they don't hunt them because their first hunt was so easy. Others have told me they don't hunt them because it's too hard they've gone weeks at a time without hearing a single gobble.

I've seen both sides and for me, the intensity of my desire to kill a gobbler was inversely proportional to my success. In other words, the more badly I wanted to tie my tag on a gobbler's leg, the less likely I was to do it.

In my May 20 column in the Jamestown Gazette I outline three reasons that all changed as I matured as a hunter. Check out "How Badly Do You Want to Kill a Gobbler?"

Also in this column (at the end) is some information on a new scholarship for students aiming at a career in some aspect of upland gamebirds.

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Photo by Steve Sorensen: The author’s personally designed call has made turkey hunting much more gratifying for him.

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