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  • Rick Peluso, guest writer from South Carolina

Northern Scratchbox Cons Coyote

I recently purchased a maple scratch box caller from you and had to share this little story. My son and I were out a couple of mornings ago and we were on some really nice birds just after daylight. I was using your Northern Scratchbox caller and was getting good responses from the birds heading our way.

With the birds about 100 yards out and responding vocally and some deer a little closer, my son happened to notice off to our right at about 50 yards a large coyote that appeared to be stalking us, not even looking at the birds or the deer. I had just finished a series of calls with the scratch box and the coyote headed directly toward us.

(Photo courtesy of Rick Peluso)

When he looked at us around a large oak tree my son shot the coyote at about 35 yards. We chose the predator and gave the birds a pass. Your caller absolutely fooled a very fierce and smart predator enough that he ignored visible live birds and deer out in front of him, and stalked your scratchbox caller. Just thought you would like to know how authentic your caller is to actually trick one of the sharpest predators in the woods. It was very exciting and I thank you for this awesome caller.

I and three of my friends manage 300 private acres of hunting land. Your caller helped us insure the survivability of newborn fawns on our property by eliminating one of their most feared predators. I just put a check in the mail to you today for another caller in Cherry for my son. Thank you again, Steve, for an awesome caller! Stay safe my friend!

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