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  • by Steve Sorensen | The Everyday Hunter®

19¼ Pounds, 1⅛" spurs, 8¼" beard

I wasn't going to go hunting today because I got soaking wet yesterday. But at 4:30 there was no rain so I headed out.

My Northern Scratchbox came through again. This gobbler fell to a load of Number 5 shot at 7:20 AM today. I'm pretty sure he's the one I flushed off the roost at 5:39 while I was looking at my phone to see the time.

He made a big circle and came in behind me. When some brush screened me from him, I moved to a different tree and began calling. He fanned out and marched right to the spot I had picked out at 35 yards. He fell hard at 7:20 and barely moved after that.

As I was leaving the woods another one was gobbling. I'll try to set up an appointment with him tomorrow.

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