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  • by Steve Sorensen | The Everyday Hunter®

March Is Fickle

The human species here in the northeast becomes pretty self-centered at this time of year. As we wait for the coming of spring, we complain about the snow and ongoing cold temperatures as though we think spring is never going to come.

But the days ARE getting longer, and as they do we see more and more deer along the roads. Whether they start moving earlier in the evening or the longer daylight hours simply expose them in their normal routine is an open question. But let's keep in mind the challenges winter creates for the birds and animals that must cope without central heat and microwave meals.

My March 11 column "March Is Fickle" in the Jamestown Gazette will put things into perspective. Click here to read it.

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Photo by Steve Sorensen: Deer are too busy surviving to complain about the weather. This doe seems healthy enough, yet she’s conserving energy under some pine trees during a snowstorm, so she is reluctant to move.

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