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  • by Steve Sorensen | The Everyday Hunter®

The Heroes of Wildlife Conservation

How much do those who oppose hunting know about actual wildlife management? Not much. Not much at all.

Turns out those who oppose hunting do almost nothing for wildlife. They'd love to hug Bambi, and they sympathize with dead bears and bunnies. They like the idea of rehabilitating injured wildlife, but they give a pittance toward funding anything to do with actual wildlife management.

But those who hunt — they do just about everything. They feel the same sympathy on behalf of suffering animals, but they also fund the lion's share of wildlife management through their hunting license sales, their work with conservation organizations, and the billions they pay in special taxes dedicated to creating and conserving wildlife habitat. That makes hunters the true heroes of wildlife conservation.

Do you doubt that? Then tell me how much non-hunters do and give to fund the needs of wildlife. But before you do that, read my January 14 column in the Jamestown (NY) Gazette: "The Heroes of Wildlife Conservation."

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