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"Building Lifelong Hunters" — My Newest D&DH Article Is on Mentoring

I wrote an article for the September 2018 issue of Deer and Deer Hunting magazine called "Building Lifelong Hunters" focusing on the work of John Annoni's program in the public schools of Allentown, Pennsylvania. John is probably the nation's top thinker (and doer!) in recruiting new hunters, and he's doing some amazing things through his program "Camp Compass."

If you want to know about mentoring new hunters, you need to know what John Annoni is saying. Anyone of influence in the hunting world should be interested in what John Annoni is saying and doing.

Check out the short teaser video below that "Mr. Annoni" posted on Facebook. Then click here to read my D&DH article Building Lifelong Hunters on John's website.

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