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Why Doctors Who Hunt Prescribe Havalon Knives

I don't often go out of my way to recommend specific brands, but one I'm a big fan of is Havalon Knives. I became acquainted with Havalon back in 2010, and it really impressed me. The first article I ever wrote for the Havalon blog was about field dressing deer, and it's still the number one read article on their site. Because the Havalon knife does such a fast, clean, and easy job at field dressing and skinning deer, I've stayed with it. You couldn't get me to trade it for a much more expensive knife.

Along the way I've watched the company grow, and I continue to be impressed with the company's creativity — it's new models and the improvements in the old models. I'm not saying it can do every job a hunter can ever ask it do to, although the "Rebel" (my favorite) and the "Titan" models just about can. I'm saying any deer hunter who gives it a chance will want to keep one handy on every hunt. It's just the ticket for deer hunters — I might as well say ALL hunters because I really wish I'd had one on my Alaska moose hunt!

See what I have to say about Havalon knives in my latest contribution to the Havalon Knives website, "Why Doctors Who Hunt Prescribe Havalon Knives."

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