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  • by Steve Sorensen | The Everyday Hunter®

Fishers—No Threat to Our Turkey Population

Most people have never seen one of the most vicious predators in our woods, the fisher. I've seen these deadly and secretive animals only a few times. Often called a "fisher-cat," they look like an overgrown weasel.

Many turkey hunters fear they are killing our turkeys, but new research suggests they have little impact on the wild turkey population. Yes, they can climb trees and get to where the turkey is roosting on the limb, but they are not likely to attack a roosted turkey. No turkey remains were found in a study of the contents of fisher stomachs, and fishers are more adapted to hunting on the ground.

Check out my June 11 column—read Fishers—No Threat to Our Turkey Population online in the Jamestown Gazette.

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