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  • by Steve Sorensen | The Everyday Hunter®

The Turkey Hunting Paradox

Turkey hunters fall into two camps—those who say it's easy and those who say it's hard. Ironically, when it's easy, it's easy for the same reason that it's hard. These big birds are unpredictable. One longspur will fall into a novice hunter's lap, and another will evade the most seasoned woodsman's best calling and best strategies.

Serious turkey hunters work relentlessly at bagging a mature gobbler, and I suppose it helps to be a little unbalanced. But sooner or later the serious turkey hunter arrives at a balance—the ability to enjoy and appreciate the woodland drama he participates in.

If you're looking for that balance, my April 30 column is for you. (Read The Turkey Hunting Paradox online in the Jamestown Gazette).

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