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  • by Steve Sorensen | The Everyday Hunter®

Maybe It's a Heart Problem

This week's column is likely to be controversial, if only because those who would ban what they've named "assault rifles" seem to prefer to ignore certain statistics. Today we are seeing an enormous reaction against those guns.

The reaction seems reasonable to many, but it's out of proportion to the concern we should have over murders caused by almost any other means, and it's completely out of proportion to the concern we should have over unnecessary deaths (and the $44 Billion annual cost of alcohol-related crashes) caused by drunk driving.

The statistics are empirical, and they generate difficult-to-deny conclusions. But whatever the statistics and the conclusions they lead to, it seems clear that in America, and the world, we have a heart problem. That's where the emphasis of my April 16 column lies. (Read Maybe It's a Heart Problem online in the Jamestown Gazette).

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