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The Story of a Western Cowboy/Outfitter

This new book is "hot off the press," as they say and it's a good one. Titled Life Doesn't Get Any Better, it's a collection of stories about a man, his dogs, his horses, his hunts, and his heritage. Dusty Youren made a life in the Idaho mountains (plus a few other places including British Columbia, Nevada and Utah) hunting, outfitting, rodeoing, cowboying, and a few other things. Here's the front and back cover:

I have a box on hand (I guess you'd call them "advance copies") so I can fill a few orders before the book is actually on the market. Click on the "Books" tab and check it out, along with my other books.

Life Doesn't Get Any Better by Dusty Youren with Steve Sorensen

$25 Total, shipped.

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