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Opening Day PA Rifle, 2017

Three nice bucks in three years here, plus a 10-point in 2012. What a honey-hole!

In those four years I've seen only nine deer, but seven have been bucks. One was a doe and the first deer I saw today I didn't identify.

These aren't record book trophies, but they're good representatives of mature bucks in the area, and strong evidence that Pennsylvania's Antler Restriction policy is working.

Today's buck was an eight-point. I didn't weigh him but comparing him to bucks I have weighed he is probably around 150-160 pounds field dressed. His chest is much bigger than his hind quarters, which makes me say he's a 3½ year old buck, though he might be 2½. (I didn't check his teeth, and now he has lockjaw.) One shot from my 7mm-08, a Remington Model Seven stainless. I shoot handloads using 139 grain Hornady bullets. The shot destroyed his lungs and took off the top of his heart.

As I get older deer are a lot harder to get out of this area. I dragged him to the top of the hill and a little ways down the other side, and then went and got my truck.

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