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  • by Steve Sorensen | The Everyday Hunter®

Genetically Inferior Deer

It all started with a Facebook discussion. So much confusion. Should hunters shoot white deer—piebalds and albinos? The overall consensus was that we should not. Various reasons were given, but it seemed like most people didn't understand much about the facts regarding these deer.

So I opened my big mouth. The fact is that white deer are often "genetically inferior." Most of the time when hunters use that phrase, we're talking about antlers, and most hunters who talk about genetically inferior antlers think of them as small or misshapen. The truth is that most often small means young, and misshapen means non-typical. Neither are genetically inferior.

Would you shoot a genetically inferior deer? Whatever your answer, CLICK HERE to read "Genetically Inferior Deer" in the Jamestown Gazette and you might change your mind.

And to read more from my blog, MISSION: HUNTER. CLICK HERE and go to

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