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  • by Steve Sorensen | The Everyday Hunter®

The Great Sighting In Debate

I've written a two-part article on deer rifle accuracy for the Havalon knives website.

Part One is why you need minute-of-angle accuracy to hunt deer. Check it out here!

"My dad and uncle were both clustering their bullet holes into tiny groups on a paper target at 100 yards. Half their holes touched each other. For me, it was sheer random luck when one bullet punched a hole within an inch of another. We were at my uncle’s picnic table sighting in our deer rifles on Thanksgiving weekend many years ago...."

Part Two is why you don't! Click here to have a look!

"The view that you don’t need minute-of-angle (MOA) accuracy from a deer rifle does not mean accuracy is not at all important. Don’t bother hunting with a rifle that throws lead in a pattern that looks like it came from a shotgun. A deer rifle must have a reasonable amount of consistency—defined as...."

Which side of "The Great Sighting In Debate" are you on!

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