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  • by Steve Sorensen | The Everyday Hunter®

Turn a Kid On to Hunting

If hunting is going to survive for another 40 years, we MUST recruit new hunters. State game departments are trying, merchandisers are doing their part, conservation organizations have some great programs, and the NRA is doing all it can. Plus, lots of local sportsman's clubs are right where the rubber meets the road on this. That's because the bottom line is that if we are going to have new hunters in the next generation, they have to learn from us.

Every kid needs a mentor who can help them understand why we hunt, why hunting is needed, and why those who oppose hunting are not only wrong—they oppose the greatest wildlife conservation system the world has ever known. The truth is we wouldn't have nearly as much wildlife in this country as we have, and it wouldn't be nearly so accessible, without hunters.

Today's column talks about some of the things people are doing to bring hunting to the youth of America. After you read it, check out John Annoni's program at , and Shawn Meyer's books at

CLICK HERE to read "Turn a Kid On to Hunting" in the Jamestown Gazette.

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