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Experienced hunters will tell you that turkeys head for fields during rain. Why? Here are a couple of reasons:

1. Raindrops slapping against leaves and pitter-pattering to the ground creates lots of noise in soggy woods, which interferes with their hearing as a defense. So, they head for fields where they can rely more on vision.

2. It's easier to feed in fields during rain, but turkeys don’t go to just any field. Bypass old fields full of dead goldenrod and brush, and head for greenfields and freshly plowed fields. Rain slows the grasshoppers and crickets down, and brings out the little critters that live in moist dirt. (This might also be a reason why they use fields more in the early morning while the grass and the ground is wet.)

So, if it's raining and there are fields where you're hunting, don't leave the woods until you check for turkeys there.

Watch for more “Tips on Turkey Hunting” two or three times each week until mid-May. I don’t claim to be the best turkey hunter around, but I’ll share what I know. It might be helpful to those who pursue our greatest game bird. While you're at it, check out my gobbler-killin' Northern Scratchbox turkey call at It's full of deadly sounds.

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